One of the key aspects of warming your home throughout the winter is making sure your attic roof space is insulated properly. Leaks and cracks can create drafts that leak in cold air from the outside, forcing your HVAC system to pump out more hot air within your home – this can cause a spike in your heating bill each month and may lead to rising home attic insulation costs. The wintertime is the perfect season to start thinking about upgrading your attic insulation and retrofitting it with new material. 

At Attic Insulation, we’ll help you find the attic insulation Ontario rebates you need to mitigate costs and deal with all the paperwork for you. We’ll break down how insulating your attic in the winter can help you save on your energy costs every month and how often it should be changed. Take advantage of Ontario rebates that benefit your bottom line, home, and the environment overall!


How Does Insulating Your Attic In The Winter Keep Energy Bills To A Minimum?

If your attic isn’t well insulated, it can be one of the biggest sources of energy loss in your home, leading to higher electricity rates and a waste of resources. When the heat rises, it can leak out if the attic isn’t well insulated. With new insulation material installed, it will trap more heat in the home and block out any cold air. The material is often made out of thermal insulation such as fibreglass or cellulose that perform much better than foil insulation.  

By insulating your attic during the winter, you’re creating a thermal barrier that covers the floor beneath it. The insulation prevents warm air circulating throughout your home from reaching the attic and, instead, redirecting it within your home. This is an especially useful feature for your home if you’re living in a place that’s constantly frigid. 

When heat use rises in your home, you need to make sure it stays there. When upgrading the insulation in your attic, take care of filling those empty corners and shallow areas where a potential exposure can happen. Seal up cracks and holes with foam insulation to balance the appropriate amount of ventilation in the attic space. You can also use an air seal to block out leaks to help make your attic more energy-efficient. 

All these practices to upgrade your attic insulation can significantly help you keep your energy bills to a minimum each month. If you want a more accurate picture of that in practice, get an energy assessment and home energy audit by one of our contractors. They can help detect places in or around the attic that may need more insulation installed. This will help your home reach its maximum energy efficiency rates. Next, let’s analyze how often attic insulation should be changed. 


How Often Should Attic Insulation Be Changed?

If you notice your furnace is on, but your home still feels cold, it’s a concrete sign that your insulation should be upgraded or replaced completely. How often you have to change it out depends on when you had it added in the last time. 

Generally, attic insulation should be replaced or retrofitted around 15-20 years. This depends on the condition of the insulating material and the type installed. The R rating of the original insulation, amount of compression and movement, and any damages are also important factors in changing your attic insulation. 

When you do decide to upgrade your attic, take precautions by removing the existing old insulation. It can be damaged from old age, mould, and rodents and should be handled properly by one of our professional contractors. If you’re worried about the costs of an upgrade, we have information on some provincial rebates to help you out. 


What Are Some Of The Rebates Available In Ontario If I Update My Attic Insulation?

Attic insulation upgrades can be pricey, averaging between $1500-$2300 in total costs, depending on the home. The type of insulation material used, the square footage of your attic and the contractor’s fee are all factors taken into consideration for insulation upgrades. 

Despite these costs, there are special rebates in Ontario that will help you save money associated with adding in new insulation. We’ll help you find the right ones and deal with all the necessary paperwork for you. 

For example, you can save up to $5000 for a limited time when you choose us to help you upgrade your home energy efficiency. Enbridge/UNION GAS clients can take advantage of a special rebate that can help you save up to $1450 if your home is eligible. It’s a huge return on investment for homeowners if they choose to upgrade their attic insulation for the winter. Not only will it keep you warm from the cold, but it also helps your home be more energy-efficient and keeps energy bills down.  

Contact us at Attic Insulation today to see if your home is eligible for your Ontario energy rebates. Retrofit your attic for the winter to keep more heat in and block cold air out!