Attic insulation can help keep your home warm during the winter and save money on your energy bills when properly installed. The home attic insulation cost in the GTA can vary from home to home, but by upgrading or purchasing the right installation, you will keep yourself warm and have more money in your pocket. If you need attic insulation in the GTA, we have some important facts to break down to guide you on what the process entails. We’ll go over what you can do for attic insulation for a new home, the importance of good airflow, and how attic insulation will keep you warm during the cold winter. 


Do I Need To Insulate My Attic If The Home is New?

If you’ve purchased a brand new home, it wouldn’t hurt to check if your attic insulation is up to standards. Newer home models typically already have exceptional insulation built into them. Particularly, attic insulations can usually cost between $1700 to $2100 to complete. Some factors that can affect the overall cost include the different types of insulation used along with the quality of the material, the estimated square footage of your attic space, and the contractor’s fee. 

As you think about whether this type of insulation is right for your home, you can consider getting an energy assessment to see where insulation may be needed and to replace old insulation with newer ones. From there, you can adjust for costs and insulate the spaces you need to cover up to ensure you have functioning attic insulation from your home. 


What’s The Importance Of Good Airflow In My Attic?

So after the energy assessment of the attic, the next thing to consider is the quality of airflow. If your insulation leaks hot air outside, your home’s energy efficiency decreases and you’ll be letting in more cold air that will freeze your home. That’s where attic insulation and air sealing can go hand-in-hand to seal up cracks and limit cold air exposure. 

Attic insulation will reduce any unwanted flows of heat to circulate between your home and the outdoors, leading to fewer heat losses during winter. This, in turn, will lead your home to be more comfortable and energy efficient when it matters. While attic insulation does certainly help keep your home toasty and comfy, it can also keep other areas in your home warm as well. 


How Will My Attic Keep The Rest Of My Home Warm During Cold Weather Conditions?

Heat can leak out from your home through your roof, but attic insulation helps seal the warm air in. This can also lead to a pendulum effect on other areas of your home that can receive consistent warmth. Before it can be done, however, you have to make sure that all gaps and leaks are sealed in your home. You can check for them in places such as ceiling light fixtures, chimneys, and attic access doors. For the latter, you can use caulking, foam, or weather stripping to seal in the hot air. 

These can work in conjunction with attic insulation, but you’ll also need to make sure your proper vents are cleaned and work properly. By doing so, you’ll ensure more warm airflow is circulating throughout your home and the attic insulation seals more of it inside. This leads to a balanced home that will keep you warm during the cold winters. 

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