Home heating is often an important aspect of running your property during the winter. However, there are times when heating can fail and leak out at the worst times. Proper home attic insulation can help mitigate heat loss and save you on monthly energy bills. With extensive attic insulation, temperatures will begin to stabilize and keep you warm throughout the cold winter. 

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Attic insulation can greatly benefit your home and we’ll answer some great questions about the process. We’ll go over what happens if your attic isn’t properly insulated, how long it takes for the insulation to last, and why it’s important to check it annually. 

What Happens If You Don’t Properly Insulate Your Attic?

Indoor environments are often at the mercy of fluctuating temperatures, but attic insulation helps maintain a consistent level of heating and comfort. It should be installed according to the size of your house size and other relevant measurements. 

One of the most common consequences of poor attic insulation is the loss of heat. During the winter, hot air will rise and move towards the attic space. Without proper insulation, your home’s heating will flow into colder areas such as attics, garages, and basements. Rooms in the upper areas near the attic will have much quicker frigid temperatures and uneven warmth. 

Inadequate attic insulation can also lead to unwanted moisture accumulation in certain spaces. Small cracks and areas can be exposed to cold air that can greatly damage it over time. Mould, mildew and other funguses may also build up, along with ice dams that can form on the roof’s exterior during the winter. The extra moisture can also lead to constant leaks that can turn into more serious water damage later on. 

It’s also no secret that a poorly insulated attic can increase your home’s energy costs. Heating systems have to work harder to replace lost warm air during the winter, creating more expensive energy bills as a result. In addition to the increased use of electricity, your furnace can also be susceptible to breakdowns and constant repairs, which may eventually lead to an expensive replacement of it. Excellent attic insulation ultimately cuts energy costs and helps you regulate temperatures throughout the year. 

Lastly, if your home doesn’t have sufficient attic insulation, it can decrease your home’s property value and make it harder for you to sell it in the future. New homeowners are keen on energy-efficient properties and older homes with insufficient insulation may not be up-to-par on local energy codes. Homes with poor attic insulation may gradually lose value, but if you take the time to retrofit and replace it, you can improve your home’s value very fast. 

Once you have installed new attic insulation, there is the question of its durability and longevity throughout the home’s lifespan. The good news: it can last a really long time. 

How Long Does Attic Insulation Last?

Installed attic insulation with the latest materials can last up to 20 years if taken care of properly. The insulation takes some time to settle into the attic space, with most contractors accounting for it to take place in the first few months. When it’s time to be upgraded or replaced, it’s usually because of new local government energy codes that need to be followed. You should also let professional contractors handle attic insulation installation because they know what they’re doing and have the proper safety measures in place to do so. 

Attic insulation is overall very durable and resistant to humidity and weather conditions. However, as we explained, mould and mildew can weaken it. Additionally, punctures in the insulation can make it ineffective. 

Next, let’s go into more detail on why you should consider having one of our contractors check your attic insulation annually. 

Why Is Attic Insulation Important Year-Round?

Attic insulation helps keep your home warm throughout the winter and cool during those hot summers. It’s the lack of insulation that contributes to the majority loss of heating from your home when you absolutely need it. This is also the reason why your home may have uneven temperatures in different spaces. Insulation in the attic ultimately blocks heat from escaping your home, keeping it in rooms for a more comfortable experience. 

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