Air leaking into your attic can make you pay 20% on your energy bills every month – time to stop that pattern and save your money! While the summer is nearly coming to an end, it is vital that you have proper attic insulation as you are headed into the cooler months.

Attic insulation is one of the most important energy-efficient components to your home, year-round! What’s even better than monthly savings on your heating and cooling bills – qualifying for a free attic insulation in Ontario! Our home attic insulation rebates in the GTA make the process of maximizing your home’s efficiency by rewarding your efforts for choosing more eco-friendlier solutions!

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Why should you hire a professional contractor to identify leaks in your attic?

While sealing attic air leaks on your own with your own resources might sound like an affordable way to seal your attic leaks, it is highly recommended you call an HVAC contractor that understands the intricacies of your home. Here are some of the reasons you should hire a professional to deal with your attic air leaks:


What are some of the most common places for air leaks in your home?


What does ‘air leakage’ mean for your attic?

Air leakage occurs when the conditioned air inside your home escapes through faulty creaks and cracks due to insufficient attic insulation – this means that you are paying for air-conditioned air that your home doesn’t benefit from. Your attic insulation needs an upgrade when:

Sorting out air leaks can benefit your home throughout all seasons and it is highly recommended to call our experts heading into the fall season for a thorough inspection. Air leaks can occur almost anywhere there is an opening – near windows and doors, cracks in the home exterior, basements and attics. 


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