We are just in the thick of a hot summer season, so it’s important to try and keep your home as cool as possible during this time. Installing a good air conditioning system can definitely help keep everything inside cool, but excellent attic insulation can also enhance this experience. Attic insulation not only seals in more cool air but also helps save you money on monthly energy costs because it limits your AC use during the summer. 

At Attic Insulation GTA, we’re a home insulation company that provides valuable customer service to homeowners, as well as home attic free insulation rebates. If your home qualifies, you can save up to $5000 in energy rebates when you choose to upgrade your home’s energy efficiency. These rebates are meant to incentivize homeowners to make their homes more environmentally friendly and our team will take care of all the paperwork involved, so you won’t have to deal with any of it.  

If you’re interested in upgrading your attic’s current insulation levels or have more questions about what we do, contact Attic Insulation GTA today to see how an upgrade will benefit you. If you’re still unconvinced, here are ways in which attic insulation can keep your home cooler during those hot summer days. 

Does Insulation Help Keep Heat Out Of Your Home?

Generally, good attic insulation minimizes the amount of heat that passes between the inside and outside of your home. Although they are useful during the winter, when you want to retain as much heat as possible inside, people don’t realize that in the summer, attic insulation can also keep hot air out and seal cool air in. If the AC runs constantly in your home during those hot days, insulations expel any hot air from outside to keep in and circulate the cold air. 

When the sun’s energy hits your rooftop, it transmits radiant heat that travels by conduction into your attic, making it hotter. If attic insulation isn’t installed, the heat passage isn’t slowed or reduced, causing your home to become hotter. Attic insulation acts as a thermal barrier that slows the overall transfer of heat convection and conduction to keep your home cool during the summer. 

If your home doesn’t have enough cool air circulating, it becomes more important to boost insulation in your attic if you want to prevent hot air from penetrating your home through the ceiling. This in turn will reduce the sweltering heat that will be present in your home. If more heat seeps into your home, it will make your AC work double as hard, causing more spikes in your monthly energy bills. 

Overall, great attic insulation will help not only keep your energy and AC use down, but also allow for more natural cool air to flow and stay in. 

Does Adding Extra Attic Insulation Help In Cooling My Home?

The amount of attic insulation you need for your home largely depends on how old it is and how much of it was installed in the first place. Areas with poor insulation or spots with thin insulation material should be reinforced with an extra layer of insulation if possible. Heat can be passed to your attic through conduction contact, convection (or when heat circulates in the air), and radiant heat from the sun. As such, if you want to keep your home cool, adding some extra attic insulation can help as long as the person installing it for you knows how much to install. 

Some of the extra insulation you can add include thick blown-In cellulose, which is the soft fluffy material pumped into walls and attics. You can also use rigid foam insulation (e.g. sturdy foam panels) for a more durable insulation layer. To prevent sun rays from coming in, you can also use radiant barrier insulation such as cardboard or kraft paper to block out excess heat. 

Lastly, consider using air sealing to fill in gaps and stop cool air from leaking out. Thick layers of attic cellulose insulation should do the job, but air sealants can lock in more cool air, if needed, during those hot summers. While extra attic insulation can ultimately help cool your home in the long run, you can also expect a good amount of savings to follow suit.  

How Much Can I Save By Adding Insulation To My Attic?

The amount of savings you receive for adding attic insulation depends on how well it has been installed. If insulation isn’t properly installed, it could cause your AC to consume more energy and skyrocket your energy costs. Adding insulation will reduce your monthly energy bills and enhance your home’s energy efficiency. Homeowners can save up to 20% in monthly payments with the right insulation in their attic. 

If you’re thinking of reducing the wear and tear of your AC unit and want to improve your home’s energy efficiency, contact Attic Insulation GTA today for a consultation with our technicians. Work with our team now to secure the best rebates and start taking advantage of summer savings for your home.