Attic insulation can greatly benefit your home temperature and keep valuable heat locked in during the coldest months. However, while insulation can help you save on heating and energy bills, having too much of it can bring its own downsides. That’s where Attic Insulation can help provide you with the appropriate amount of insulation to install and estimates of attic insulation costs in the GTA. We can also help you find attic insulation Ontario rebates that will help you save money when installing them for the winter. 

We’ll go over the effects of having too much insulation in your attic and how it can result in poor ventilation throughout your home and mould. With the right professionals by your side, we can assist in making sure you have the right amounts of insulation installed in your attic. 


Is There Such A Thing As ‘Too Much Insulation’ In The Attic?

Insulation in your attic can be an overall boon for your home heating, but there can be too much of a good thing. Having too much insulation can lead to poor ventilation and air quality in your home as it can also build up moisture and humidity that creates mould in areas of your attic and home. 

As a standard of measurement to determine how much attic insulation is affecting your house, you should have an appropriate R level of 30 and any score above a 38 would be deemed excessive. Different areas have different standards of measurements for insulation effectiveness, so consult with a professional before doing any significant changes. 

Adding too much insulation will cost you more money and it becomes less cost-effective than where you started out. It also invites more needless inconvenience on your part, so spending money on additional insulation isn’t worth the trouble. If you do have outdated attic insulation, we can help you find the right amount to upgrade it and save on your heating bills. 


How Can Too Much Insulation Result In Poor Ventilation?

If there’s too much insulation in your attic, it can block your ventilation system, preventing clean air from flowing throughout your home. A clean ventilation system helps prevent humidity and moisture from building up to create dangerous mould and mildew which allows for warm air to be naturally expelled while cooler outside air replaces it. If the insulation blocks ventilation, condensation will create conditions that will lead to rotting wood, leaks, and other moisture-related issues. 

Too much attic insulation may also make your home too hot to live in comfortably. It will trap more heat in the home, making rooms become too hot and humid to stay in for long periods of time. How much attic insulation your house requires depends on the size of your home, so we recommend speaking with a professional to find out how much to install. 


How Does Too Much Insulation Result In Mildew?

As mentioned previously, too much installation can block your ventilation system, preventing air from flowing into your home. The added heat and water creates moisture that cultivates the growth of mould and mildew in certain areas. This can seriously affect the air quality of your home and lead to more problems later on. 

Having a moderate amount of attic insulation is overall helpful and shouldn’t create more issues for your home. Instead of buying more unneeded insulation, have a professional inspect it and replace the material as needed. 

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