When you install insulation in your attic, you expect it to stay dry and keep your house warm during the rainy and chilly seasons. However, moisture can still find ways to form on it and can be made wet further if there’s a leak in your roof. Because of this, mould can grow throughout your attic faster and the insulation won’t be as effective anymore. 

With the proper attic insulation procedures, a professional contractor can help you make sure your insulation stays dry and your attic stays warm. They can help you replace any wet insulation with new material to help keep your home toasty in the cold. It’s a better outcome than trying to get the job done yourself – that’s where Attic Insulation can lend a helpful hand. 


We’ll go over how we can deal with and remove wet attic insulation from your home and look into whether it’s safe to remove old insulation from your attic and the costs of replacing it. 


Adding attic insulation delivers a huge return on investments for Ontario homeowners and you can take advantage of rebates today! One of the most crucial things you need to prioritize as a homeowner is properly insulating your attic. Good attic insulation helps keep your home warm during the winter, saves you on heating and cooling bills and keeps your house at a cozy temperature all year round.

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Should Wet Attic Insulation Be Removed?

Generally, if you find your attic insulation is wet, you should make an effort to have someone remove and replace it for you. To double check and make sure it needs replacing, you should undergo a thorough attic inspection with a professional. They can help identify the source and cause of the wet insulation, assess the situation, and determine if a replacement is necessary. If wet insulation isn’t removed, water may leak through the roof cavity and damage the roof’s structure and shingles. 

Another reason why wet insulation should be removed is that newer material is more effective at staying dry and keeping your home warm. When wet insulation is left alone and unchecked, mould can grow and contaminate the space. If you decide to remove and replace the insulation, your attic space has to be dried and cleaned beforehand. A professional contractor can get this done, as well as repair any cracks or leaks that can lead to more water being built up. 


Can Wet Insulation Be Dried Out?

If you prefer not to completely replace your attic insulation, drying it out is a possible option. While damp insulation can lose its effectiveness, thermal resistance, and functionality, it can be dried out with a fan or dehumidifier. That’s because the insulation is made out of fiberglass, which is waterproof, but can be affected heavily by moisture. In some attics, there are warm areas where you can store them away to dry out. 

With the help of a professional, they’ll help you monitor the insulation as the moisture slowly dissipates. If there are any weird smells from the insulation, then it may mean the fiberglass is contaminated and will ultimately need a replacement. When that happens, it’s safer to let a professional contractor help you remove any old and wet insulation from your attic. 


Is It Safe To Remove Old Insulation From The Attic?

If you do decide to completely remove the insulation from your attic, it can be done safely with the assistance of a professional contractor. They have the knowledge and experience to safely and properly remove and replace wet attic insulation. They can do a thorough inspection, make any necessary repairs, upgrade spaces with blown-in insulation, and improve your home’s existing ventilation. 

All these factors help keep your attic insulation dry and efficient during the winter. If you decide to try and remove old insulation yourself, you risk making the situation worse and exposing yourself to dangerous pathogens. Fibreglass insulation has materials that can get in your lungs if you’re not properly covered. Not to mention that mould can also dangerously affect your health in the long term. 

That’s why it’s important to have an experienced professional work with you to address any wet attic insulation in your home and safely remove or replace them. For some homeowners, however, the cost of such a job is a concern. 


How Much Does It Cost To Remove Insulation From An Attic?

The cost of such a task can greatly depend on how large your attic is and the overall surrounding condition. From a general attic inspection, a professional contractor can determine how much to charge to remove wet insulation. On average, the cost to remove it can typically run between $1.00 to $2.00 per square foot. Once again, the price can really depend on how much needs to be replaced or removed completely. 

Have one of our qualified professionals at Attic Insulation come in and check your attic’s insulation today. We deliver great results at a fair price and will work with you to keep your home warm and toasty all throughout winter!