Why is home insulation important?

Insulation works by creating a thermal barrier between your home and the outside world. This barrier helps reflect the weather outside your home and maintain the indoor air quality and temperature inside, so you’re heating and cooling systems won’t have to work as hard to keep your home comfortable.

5 Reasons to Replace or Upgrade Your Home’s Insulation

  1. Changing indoor temperatures – often due to insulation that has shifted in the attic areas and is allowing cold air or heat into the home.
  1. High energy bills – are a symptom of poor attic or crawl space insulation.
  1. Allergies – If you notice allergic symptoms more often in your own home than you do when you go out, you may have a mold issue in your attic.
  1. Pests – You like your home to be cozy, and so do pests. Insects and other pests like to make their homes in insulation, especially in attics and basements. If you ever have an infestation in your home, it’s important to check the insulation.
  1. Water Leaks – If you see any signs of water leakage in your ceiling or wall, this could indicate an exposure in your attic’s insulation.