Your home’s HVAC unit system and attic insulation are closely intertwined in helping you feel comfortable in a room. If one is in good condition, it can greatly benefit the other. That’s why if your HVAC unit fails or your attic insulation is not up to standard, it can make your home more uncomfortable and drive up monthly energy costs as well. To avoid these problems, it’s important that you have attic insulation contractors inspect your current insulation and provide the necessary maintenance or replacement if needed. 

At Attic Insulation GTA, we provide homeowners with home attic insulation in Ontario and helpful assistance year-round, from winter to summer. Poor quality of attic insulation may be the result of a poor HVAC system in use and vice-versa. If you would like your HVAC unit checked or repaired, be sure to contact our Attic Insulation team today to set up an appointment with one of our contractors. 

Proper attic insulation and functional HVAC units are key to maintaining a comfortable, high quality of life within your home. Here is what you can do for either in order to curb your monthly energy spending and output. 

What Are Some Signs You Need To Replace Your HVAC System Immediately?

Sometimes if an HVAC unit is at least 10+ years old, you know it’s time to replace it with a newer model. Aside from some outward wear and tear over the years, your HVAC unit shouldn’t be making any weird noises (e.g. thuds, bangs, grinding) and should work as seamlessly within your home as possible. 

One big sign that your HVAC unit needs to be replaced is when it blows out warm air. This may be connected to an issue with the unit’s compressor or refrigerant system. If the refrigerant is leaking or at low levels, you’ll need to replace it in order to keep getting cool air during the summer. Otherwise, the replacement cost can outweigh your investment in a new cost-efficient system.  

Insufficient airflow is another big indicator that your HVAC unit needs a replacement. If you start noticing that your duct vents are barely pushing out any air, then your system may have an issue with a clogged air filter, which constantly requires new replacements. A lack of HVAC airflow could be caused by a broken motor, blower fan, or something even more serious. 

HVAC units are primarily made up of air conditioners, heat pumps, and furnaces, which can all get up there in age. If any of these components are not performing at their finest, it’s as good a time as any to start thinking about new replacements. Older HVAC systems don’t run as efficiently as newer models, meaning they’ll have to operate much harder and need more electricity. 

The same can also be said of poor insulation in your home, which contributes to an overworked HVAC system. 

How Does Poor Attic Insulation Affect Your HVAC Unit?

Attic insulation plays a significant role in regulating your home’s indoor temperature and its total comfort level during the seasons. It’s a critical element in locking in cool air during those hot months and warm air during the winter. If your attic insulation is poor, you can expect more leaks to occur, letting in more moisture and mold buildup in various places. This in turn will lead to your HVAC system working extra hard, leading to higher energy output and monthly bills. 

Good attic insulation and a well-functioning air conditioning system should be installed to keep moisture levels in your home under control. HVAC units should naturally be pulling humidity out of your home while the insulation works to lock in airflow already in your home. If these components are not working as they should, it can become a serious issue. 

In addition to skyrocketing energy costs, your HVAC unit can gradually break down if the right preventative and maintenance measures aren’t applied. Taxing your HVAC system should be avoided at all costs if you also want to keep your attic insulation in good shape. This can also help reduce your overall monthly energy bills as well. 

How Does Proper Attic Insulation Reduce Your Monthly Energy Bills?

If your home has proper attic insulation, it can do wonders for your monthly energy bills and personal comfort within your home. Bad insulation will have air escape through leaks or cracks, causing your HVAC system to work longer and harder. Putting effective or additional insulation will seal in more cool/warm air when you need it, meaning you won’t have to turn up the thermostat every time. This will help bring down your overall utility bills and allow for more natural airflow in your home. 

If your HVAC unit isn’t working properly or you need to upgrade your current attic insulation, contact Attic Insulation GTA today to get in touch with one of our contractors. Work with us today to secure the best comfort and savings for your home now!